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FARM Cooperative

What is Flip Phone Farms?

Flip Phone Farms is a market share agricultural concept in Roanoke, VA that connects the casual and established grower to the buyer by way of land share, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) & in some cases easy farmer's market integration. All without the use of smart seeds, smart chemicals...and smart phones.

Organic Consistency

Flip Phone Farms standards are consistent throughout all of the tracts we grow on.

Food Security

You decide how much food to grow for your family and how much you want to grow for the market.


Flip Phone Farms offers support for your garden through a network of local and national growers.

What Do We Do

Flip Phone Farms Roanoke VA Seedlings

Connect Landowners to Gardens

Our current manpower allows us to take on three different gardens on two tier levels for 2021 growing season.

Tier one garden would be a full-time upkeep by Flip Phone Farms and a tier two garden would be a 50/50 upkeep split with the landowner with a minimum agreed visit schedule from us.

Flip Phone Farms Roanoke VA Farmers Market

Connect Gardens to Markets

If you've ever wanted to garden but didn't know how to sell your produce, Flip Phone Farms can integrate your consistent harvests into Saturday markets*, community supported agriculture (CSA) pickups and home deliveries.

*certain restrictions apply depending on the local market

Flip Phone Farms Roanoke VA

Connect People with Food

You want your food local, organic, alive & reliable and that's why Flip Phone Farms is here.

Sign up for our weekly home deliveries of fruits, vegetables & microgreens or stop by to see us on a Saturday.

Year-Round Microgreen Production

It's hard to find fresh, local & organic food in a Roanoke winter which is why it's always a good idea to mix microgreens into your daily diet.

Our microgreens only use organic seeds, reverse osmosis water and can be ordered either cut or living.

Major Micros Microgreens Roanoke VA

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